Our sermon was entitled "I want His will." Luke 22:39-43. As Christians, we go through an internal battle between our personal preference and our positional purpose; due to "Ambitious Success". God has us to fulfill His assignments in our human flesh to challenge us; as well as operate by faith through our flesh. Fulfilling God's assignments aren't optional, however, it is an objective. In the Biblical days, the people lived as if the Lord was coming at anytime. They wanted to be caught red-handed being servants for the Lord, we should do the same. We must remember that conviction was the reason each of us were created. Our purpose should change into our passions. We have to keep in mind 3 major keys 🔑: 1. We need a place of clarity: consistency provides clarity. We need a designated "place" where we can communicate with God. The place you get to your go to; who is God our Father. 2. We need prayer because of conflict:God knows what you're going through, he just needs you to talk to him and tell him what's the problem. 3. God will give you the power to intake the content: The content for Jesus was our sins. Jesus drunk the "drink" due to what we've done. " ... Take this cup away from me." ... A cup is an object you can hold. God gives us problems we can handle. Often times we're focused on the content rather than how small the container is. As a teen, this sermon has taught me that God gives us issues in our life but we have to remember that is it just a cup and it can be handled and we can drink the content inside and its super important to talk to God during conflict. -Brayel Brown 9/11/16 😌🙌

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