Today's sermon way titled "Its Just A Cup" Luke 22:41-42. Referring back to last week's sermon; we leaded that the "problems" in our life can be handled because they're just a cup. This week, we went back to this text to gain clarity. The easy road doesn't develop or progress us, were not allowing God to challenge us. We must keep in my that the Lord allows "situations" to happen in our life. We shouldn't let what we go through get to us. When our "issues" get to us, it yields us from doing God's will. We should grow pass our conflict in order to move to the next level. New Levels result to new test. A major fault Christians make is talking to people about the content in the cup rather than the One who gave the cup. Communicating with God is key. Whether it's praying, singing or even just reading the bible. The tune of your " atmosphere" sets the tone for your deliverance. We must keep in mind 3 things... 1. The cup isn't your will its the Father's : God proves he'll come through before he comes through. Just as the Lamb did before we sinned. Our faith must be proactive. Sin was the result of separation from God, but Jesus's sacrifice brought us closer to God. 2. We must comprehend the seriousness of the cup: We must deny self because of the cup. We have to keep our content inside of the cup. If we spill the content; we could be hindering someone else's deliverance. We should be able to swallow the content because in the end we know its going to be " all good." 3. Commit to the cup: sweat is going to be involved. Anything worth having is worth working for. Crises will keep you from committing, but you have to endure and allow God's will to be done. We have to concur what contradicts our calling. As a teen, this message reminds me that God assigns particular issues in our life's to convey a testimony for others who need guiding. The trials we go through are important so God can get the glory in the end. ☺

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