Today's sermon was titles Unwrap your gift. Romans 12:3-8. We are reminded that we should take more interest in the gift ,rather than the wrapper wrapped around. We each have gifts that God has ordered us to have. Some people struggle to see their gift, becaise they're wrapped in themselves. In order to "unwrap" our gifts we must keep in mind 3 things. 1. Were guilty but gifted: no matyer how guilty we are because of since doesnt conduct how gifted we are. No matter how we misuse our gifts, God will repair and redeem our gifts for his glory. The gift God gave us are under warranty , and can be mended anytime needed. No matter what we do, doesn't change the fact that we have a plan and purpose on our lives. We must keep in mind that our gift isnt for us gifts are for God to work through you. We cant let guilt yield us from giving him glory. 2. We are gathered for hia glory: us Christians are stronger together than apart. We have to be here for our church family during hard times. Ministering should be like food and water us. We need it to survive. 3. The giving of grace: your gift being different doesn't make you weird. Never let anyone dumb down the gift God gave you. Never gage your gift. Do the best you can. Holy spirit is watching you work. Always encouraging disciples not discouraged. God giving gifts in order to give proper ministry that comforts and strengthen God's disciples. As a teen the sermon teaches me that the gift God has given is unique and important for others and his forgiving mercy will help me repair my gift when I use it for no good.

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